HPLC Column CC 8/3 NUCLEODUR 100-3 C8 ec, 3p 761012.30

Macherey-Nagel MN Nucleodur CC 8/3 NUCLEODUR 100-3 C8 ec, 3p 8X3mm
SKU: 761012.3
Manufacturer: Machery Nagel
  • •  Analytical column system manufactured from stainless steel M 8 outer threads on both ends Column heads SW 12, with inner threads M8 x 0.75 and UNF 10-32 (= 1/16" fitting)
  • •  EC column hardware guarantees pressure stability of 1200 bar - hereby EC columns are suitable for U-HPLC applications (ultra fast HPLC) and all modern HPLC systems.
  • •  As screw-on guard column system we recommend the Column Protection System used with EC guard column cartridges with 4 mm length.
  • •  Supplied with NUCLEODUR®, NUCLEOSHELL® and NUCLEOSIL® spherical silicas.
  • •  As built-in guard columns ChromCart® guard column cartridges with 8 mm length can be used with the guard column adapter EC (only for use with NUCLEOSIL® packed EC columns).
Products specifications
Length 8mm
i.d. 3mm
Pack Size 3