Optimat Dispensing System

FORTUNA® OPTIMAT® - the new colleague to do your daily dispensing

In almost every lab, there are series of dispensings that are very time consuming. With the purchase of the reliable automatic programmable dispenser FORTUNA® OPTIMAT®, you can delegate that dosing in  future and concentrate on more important tasks.
 The OPTIMAT® is precise
With the
 OPTIMAT® you can rely on the usual precision of liquid handling equipment of Poulten & Graf. The dosing pumps are single tested according to ISO 8655.
 The OPTIMAT® is robust
 The solid
 construction of the automatic programmable dispenser OPTIMAT® and the use of high quality materials such as PTFE and glass, enables  corrosion and contamination-free dispensing even with aggressive dosing liquids such as strong acids.
® needs no break
 OPTIMAT® is suitable for continuous operation and will do your dispensing to your complete satisfaction, while you enjoy a break.

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