Consumables and Accessories

Consumables and Accessories purification products are the parts of the purification system that get replaced most often; the majority of cartridges, filters and disinfection packages have a product life of 6 – 12 months depending on usage. 

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Membrane Select M996001

Membrane Select 40 RO Pack

Water cartridge Simplicity SIMPAKORI

Water cartridge for Millipore Simplicity Each

Water Filter Cartridges LBRCM1002

Water Filter Cartridges, 4 bowl analytical kit Each

Disinfection Pack Adaptor L998549

Disinfection Pack Adaptor

NCP8 DI Cartridge L991546

Nuclear grade resin DI Polisher Cartridge for Select Fusion and Neptune Range units

Polishing Cartridge PP8 Select L998521

Polishing Cartridge PP8 Select

PP8 DI Cartridge L998520

DI Polisher Cartridge for Select Range units

PT8 Carbon Cartridge L998501

Pre Treat Carbon Cartridge for Select Range units