Microanalytix offers the vials you need for all of your laboratory requirements and applications. Whether your needs include chromatography, sample storage, cryo-preservation or scintillation, we have options for you.


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11mm Clear glass Vial Snap 32011S-1232

2ml clear, glass, 11mm snap ring, Box 100

11mm Clear glass Vials 32011L-1232

2ml Clear, glass, 11mm crimp top large mouth, Box 100

2ml Clear Shell Vial Plug 9800-1232

2ml clear, glass, shell vial with natural plug, Box 100

6ml Head Space Vial 36020-2238

6mL Clear Headspace Vial, 22x38mm (for Perkin-Elmer), 20mm Crimp

8ml Clear Glass Vial 38015-1760

2 Dram, 17x60mm Clear Vial, 15-425mm Thread

Caps & Septa Caps Screw 24mm 5320-24W

24-400mm Solid Top, White Polypropylene Cap Unlined , Packet 100

Caps Screw 24mm 5320-24B

Blue PP, Screw Cap, 24mm Solid top unlined, Packet 100

HPLC & GC Vials Vial Screw 20ml EPA 320024-2856

20ml Screw Vial clear glass, 24mm thread, Box 144