ALUGRAM NANO SIL G, 20x20 cm 818141

ALUGRAM sheets NANO SIL G size: 20 x 20 cm, pack of 25
SKU: 818141
Manufacturer: Machery Nagel

Unmodified standard silica layers for TLC


Silica 60, specific surface (BET) ~ 500 m2/g, mean pore size 60 Å, specific pore volume 0.75 mL/g, 
particle size 5–17 µm; standard grade

Thickness of layer for analytical plates 0.25 mm, for preparative plates 0.5 and 1 mm
For 2 mm preparative layers a slightly coarser material is used.

Indicators: manganese activated zinc silicate with green fluorescence for short-wave UV (254 nm); special inorganic fluorescent pigment with blue fluorescence for long-wave UV (366 nm)

Binders: highly polymeric products, which are stable in almost all organic solvents and resistant towards aggressive visualisation reagents The binder system for POLYGRAM® sheets is also completely stable in purely aqueous eluents.

Products specifications
Pack Size 25