Conditions of use


We do not assume any kind of liability of any kind of damage or injury to body or property which may occur by the use of our products. When you buy our products you expressly agree to the above.

MicroAnalytix is not responsible for any other use of the product other than it is intended to be. Our liability, if at all any is limited to replacement of the product.

All the products should be used with care. Any injuries occurring due to proper or improper use, with care or abuse or carelessness of the user is not the responsibility of MicroAnalytix, and they will not be held liable.

If any product involves glass or other breakable material, any injuries due to its breaking is not our liability.

The purchaser of our product agrees that MicroAnalytix, its parent company, its successors, heirs and assigns are not responsible or liable in any way for any and all bodily injury(s) and/or property damage that may occur from the use of or caused in any way by the products purchased for any use, whether used properly or mis-used.

In other words our liability of any kind for our products is zero, no liability at all, purchaser buys and uses at their own risk.

About Credit Card(Important):

If you choose to make a payment through Credit Card,this will be manually processed by our accounts department as soon as possible. Once the payment has been processed, your goods will be shipped out.

Currently we accept only VISA or MASTER, and not the Discover and Amex currently.We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

while we have systems in place to reduce the risk of credit card fraud, we are not responsible for protecting members from any credit card fraud.


Keep safe from Phishing:

When you  enter your credit card details into our website, we recommend you run a full virus scan on your computer immediately from a security precaution.

If you use the same password elsewhere, it’s possible that your other online accounts may also be accessed, so be sure to update your password and any security questions there too.