Learn more about Whirl-Pak® Sample Bags?

Here are four important points about our amazing item Whirl-Pak® Sample Bags as below:

Puncture-proof tabs


Tape extends beyond the wire ends, preventing puncture/tearing of gloves/bag.

This patented process extends the tape on the tab past the aluminum wire ends eliminating the sharp points which could puncture the bags, scratch a person’s hands, or puncture gloves. This important product feature is found only on Whirl-Pak®, making it easier and safer to use than any other laboratory sample bag!  Pull tabs assist in opening,protect sterility.Double wires aid in opening pouring,and closing.




Competitor bags made from tube film with a single seal across the bottom makes them prone to corner leaks).

Continunous perimeter seal for maximum protection. 


Write-on area and exceptionally clear film


A felt-tip marker can be used to write on the plain bags

Regular pens or pencils can be used on the special write-on surface




Using ethylene oxide gas AFTER manufacturing to guarantee sterility.

+1 Sterilization means we take that 1 extra step.

Made of strong,blended polyethylene.

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