NÜVE’s expertise in incubation is clearly apparent from the selection of models on the market. These cover compact and medium-sized standard incubators, cooled incubators and a new CO2 incubator, all offering microprocessor control and a host of other advanced features.


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Laboratory Equipment EN 032 Incubator EN 032

EN Series Incubator 32 Litres

Laboratory Equipment EN 055 Incubator EN 055

EN Series Incubator 55 Litres

Laboratory Equipment EN 120 Incubator EN 120

EN Series Incubator 120 Litres

Laboratory Equipment EN 300 Economical Incubator EN 300

Economical Incubator 22 Litres capacity

Laboratory Equipment EN 400 Economical Incubator EN 400

Economical Incubator 44 Litres capacity

Laboratory Equipment EN 500 Economical Incubator EN 500

Economical Incubator 120 Litres capacity

Laboratory Equipment ES 120 Cooled Incubator ES 120

ES Series Cooled Incubator 120 Litres