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MicroAnalytix can provide your laboratory with consumables ranging from micro-filtration and chromatography products to a full range of disposable plasticware, chemicals, water purification systems and bench top equipment.

With our excellent technical product knowledge you can be sure we offer you the very best products for your applications. We hope you enjoy the experience of our new website and all it has to offer.

Featured products

1000 ul Univ Pip tips,Bulk NPT1000-B-B

1000 ul Universal pipette tips,Bulk, 1000/pk

1ml Transfer pipett MS TP1NS

1ml Transfer pipette, Non sterile, pack size 500

200 ul Univ Pip tips NPT0200-B-Y

200 ul Universal pipette tips, Yellow, Bulk, 1000/pk,

25mm CA syringe filter, 0.45um 25CS045AN

25mm Cellulose Acetate, non-sterile, syringe filter, 0.45um

35mm Hydraflon syringe filter MS SF35HY045

35mm Hydraflon syringe filter, non sterile PP housing 0.45um,

60ml Luer slip sterile syringe MS S3P60LS

60ml Luer Slip, Sterile, 3 piece, disposable syringe, Box 25

Asbestos Cassette Filter 900103-G-ADV

Asbestos Casette 0.8um 25mm

Cellulose Pad13mm No.25S 13mm

Cellulose Pad 23mm, Box 100

Chromatography Vial 2ml Clear Glass MSV923

2ml Clear Glass vial Box 100

Filtration Equipment KP47S 300ml Filter Funnel, Polysulfone 501000

Polysulfone filtration funnel, 300ml, 47mm base, with lid, and 300ml collection reservoir

GF/C grade Filter 4.7CM 1822-047

GF/C grade Filter 4.7CM

Glass Fiber Filter 47mm MS GC 47mm

Glass fiber filter, MS GC Grade, no binder, 1.2um, 47mm

J Wash Bottle 3022-02

Bottle wash 500ml LDPE with screw cap

Labelled Wash Bottle Oil 3251-05

Labelled Wash Bottle Oil

Laboratory Equipment BMP 51 LabXpert Label Maker 874037

Labxpert Label Printer Portable with LabelMark Software

Labwater 1 Deioniser with Dispensing Gun L991523

Labwater 1 Deioniser with Dispensing Gun

Labwater 2 Deioniser with Dispensing Gun L991520

Labwater 2 Deioniser with Dispensing Gun

MCE Memb Filter 0.45um 47mm Grid MCE045047SPS

Mixed Cellulose Ester membrane filter ,sterile,grid,white,0.45um 47mm

Microscope Slide Frosted 1E2S 7107-U

Microscope Slide Frosted 1E2S

Nitrile Gloves Small N332PF-S-AR

Nitrile Gloves, powder free, small size

Nitrile Gloves Small N332PF-S-AR(10)

Nitrile Gloves, powder free, small size, 10 Boxes

Petri Dish 90mm Sterile 752001

90mm Petri Dish, Sterile

Pipette tips 1-10µL NPT0010-N-B

Pipette tips 1-10µL (1000)

Purite Water System Select Fusion Range L300XXX

Dual Quality Water system, UPW @ 1.5 L/minute output

Wash Bottle Dist Water 500ml 2425-0505

Wash Bottle Dist Water 500ml

Whatman 47mm 934-AH RTU 9907-047

934-AH RTU 47MM 100/PK

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