A micropipette that meets the usual quality standard, but still at an attractive price?

Then the new SMART Volac Pipette is right for you!

See for yourself:

  • It is robust!
    Despite a surprisingly low weight, the SMART micropipette is extremely durable. Even dispensing aggressive chemicals is possible because the SMART is made of a specially developed material that provides excellent protection against chemical attack and corrosion and is fitted with PTFE seals. The use of special thermoplastic coating on the handle prevents body heat fromaffecting accuracy- even with continuous use. The SMART pipette is 100 % UV resistant and can be autoclaved without dismantling.
  • It is precise!
    The 'Click-STOP' mechanism prevents accidental volume changes. The SMART micropipettes are calibrated in an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory and supplied with an individual quality certificate and test report in accordance with ISO 8655.
  • It looks great!
    Due to the slim and ergonomic design, the SMART Pipette fits comfortably in your hand. It is suitable for both left and right handed users. The 4-digit display is large and clear to read, for precise setting of the volume range. While pipetting, the display is always visible.
  • It is fun to work with!
    The colour code ensures easy identification of different sizes. and the Pipette has a soft-touch tip ejection.
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Digital Pipette 0.5ul-10ul 7016201001

dPette Digitally controlled Pipette 0.5ul-10ul

Digital Pipette 100μl-1000μl 7016201004

dPette Digitally controlled Pipette 100μ-1000μl

Digital Pipette 30-300μl 7016201003

dPette Digitally controlled Pipette 30-300μl

Digital Pipette 5-50μl 7016201002

dPette Digitally controlled Pipette 5ul-50ul

MicroPette plus 0.5-10ul 7131110400

MicroPette plus 0.5-10ul

MicroPette Plus 1000-5000ul 7030201017

MicroPette Plus 1000-5000ul

MicroPette Plus 200-1000ul 7131110700

MicroPette Plus 200-1000ul

MicroPette Plus 20-200ul 7131110600

MicroPette Plus 20-200ul