Giorgio Bormac

Giorgio Bormac was born in 1995 in Carpi, in the heart of the Province of Modena, with the aim of selecting and sell in national scientific instrumentation of excellent quality, through a network of national and regional distributors.

The two partners share the tasks: Giorgio, with about 15 years experience in the field of scientific instrumentation and specialization in electrochemical, deals with the selection of products, validation of suppliers and marketing. Rosanna is responsible to manage inventory, in order to ensure that it will become a unique feature in the field of scientific instrumentation to deliver the goods ordered within 24 hours from receipt of order.

In 2000, the headquarters moved to new premises, with an area of about 500 square meters, to make way for new lines of instruments, such as data logger and photometers, and new people, who become part of the " Bormac family " in ' technical and in 'administrative area to support the continuing growth in business volume. In the same year, will start operation agents nationwide to assist businesses.

In 2001, it registered the trademark XS instruments with which we identify products of lesser-known brands at the European level, but like all of our products exceed intense technical and quality tests.

New product lines are included in the sales program, such as centrifuges, ovens and incubators, and the pages of the price list each year increases.

It extends the family XS instruments with the arrival of four models of portable thermometers and under the family XS green line present a 'full range of buffer and conductivity standards traceable to NIST

Xs instruments is enriched with a whole new line of bench instruments for pH and conductivity, and a new line of testers, all developed by Giorgio Bormac.

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2 Pore T - pH 5 Tester 50014623

2PoreT-pH5 glass body electrode, range pH 0…14, temp. 0…+60 °C, 6 mm membrane suitable for FOOD and CHEESE, for Tester pH 5

201T Electrode - pH 5 Tester 50014603

pH 5 Tester only BODY instrument - 0,01 pH resolution, with ATC (automatic temperature compensation), mV for electrode quality test, °C/°F without sensor, in carton case, accessories and quick guide included

2301T Cell - COND 5 Tester 50014703

2301T-COND5 Conductivity cell with ATC, C=1, measuring range 10μS…100mS, temp. 0…+60 °C,, cable lenght 1 mt for COND 5

Accredited calibration certificate Accredia for XS BALANCE 27000903

Certificate DKD/Accredia Treceability for XS Balances

Alimentatore x serie 8/80 NEW 12V dc / 1A 50001512

Power supply 12V/220 Vac for 8 and 80 series

Cell 2301 T C=1 with ATC for COND 51 50004002

Conductivity cell mod. 2301T with ATC, C=1, measuring range 10uS…200mS, cable lenght 1 mt BNC/Cinch

Class M1 Weight of 100 g for XS Balances 27000813

Class M1 Weight of 100 g for XS Balances

Class M1 Weight of 1000 g for XS Balances 27000823

Class M1 Weight of 1000 g for XS Balances