Membrane Filters

MicroAnalytix offers membrane filters covering pore sizes from 0.015 to 12 µm.



Our broad offering of membrane materials (PTFE, regenerated cellulose, nylon, cellulose nitrate, polycarbonate, aluminum oxide, etc.) provides the user with an array of solvent compatibility options, porosities, and pore sizes according to individual specific needs. Some membrane materials are also available in sterile format.


Membrane filters are typically used in both liquid and air filtration. They offer accurately controlled pore size distribution with high strength and flexibility and are a suitable choice for a wide range of applications such as basic research, environmental testing, and pharmaceutical as well as food and beverage industries.



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Disc 25mm GLA-5000 5um 100pk, 66466

PALL 66466 GLA-5000 PVC Membrane Disc Filters - 5 µm, 25 mm (100/pk)

Disc 25mm SUPOR .45um 100pk 60172

PALL 60172 Supor 450 Membrane Disc Filters, 0.45 µm - 25 mm, plain (100/pk)

Disc 37mm GLA-5000 w-out pads 5um 100pk 66469

PALL 66469 GLA-5000 PVC Membrane Disc Filters - 5 µm, 37 mm (100/pkg)

Disc 90mm SUPOR .45um 100pk, 60206

PALL 60206 Supor 450 Membrane Disc Filters, 0.45 µm - 90 mm, plain (100/pkg)

GN6 grid .45um 47mm gam bulk 2000pk, 66191

PALL 66191 GN-6 Membrane, 0.45 µm, 47 mm, White, Gridded, Gamma Irradiated, Bulk w/ Parchment Separators, Boxes of 200 (2000/pk)

MCE Memb Filter 0.45um 47mm A045H047W

Mixed Cellulose Ester membrane filter ,sterile,grid,white, 0.45um 47mm

MCE Memb Filter 0.45um 47mm grid 10406871

Whatman™ 10406871 Grade ME25/21 STL Sterile Gridded White Mixed Cellulose Ester Membrane Filter with 3.1mm Black Grid, Pore Size: 0.45µm, Diameter: 4.7cm (Pack of 1000)