Environmental testing for air

Particulate monitoring

Manual air sampling

Two of the most significant fractions of suspended particulate matter are the respirable fraction (< 2.5 μm) and the inhalable fraction (< 10 μm). Two important tests performed in air monitoring of particulate matter, PM 2.5 and PM 10, pertain to these two fractions. Whatman glass fiber filters from GE are recommended for gravimetric determination of airborne particulates, such as PM 10, stack sampling, and absorption methods of air pollution monitoring. In the analysis of collected particulate matter, care should be given to the choice of the filter medium used. The filter medium should give little or no background level for the elements and/or compounds being analyzed and should cause minimal interference in the determination.

Glass fiber filters and thimbles

Whatman glass microfiber filters (such as GF/A and EPM 2000) and quartz filters (such as QM-A) are particularly suitable for gravimetric determination of particulates due to the high retention efficiency of the media combined with rapid flow characteristics,low pressure drop, high loading capacity, and low affinity for moisture. PTFE membranes are often used for specific gravimetric analyses (e.g., PM 2.5 monitoring or vehicle emissions testing) according to the employed methodology. Stack gases are often monitored at high temperatures for which glass microfiber or quartz filters, such as QM-A or thimbles, are appropriate.




 What are you testing for?






Characteristics and benefits


 Particulate manual
sampling: normal
• Glass fiber filters such as GF/A and EPM 2000
• PTFE TE type
• Glass fiber thimbles
• PM 2.5 membranes

• Binder free
• Glass fiber
• Fine particle retention
• High flow rate
• Good loading capacity


 EPM 2000
• Binder free
• Glass fiber
• Used in high-volume PM-10 air sampling equipment
• Detailed chemical analysis of
trace pollutants


Glass fiber thimbles
• Binder and binder free
• Glass fiber
• Used at temperatures up to 500°C


GF 10
• Binder
• Glass fiber
• Extreme mechanical stability
• Used up to 180°C


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EPM 2000   1882-047     1882-866



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