The balance is the instrument that allows you to weigh, or determine the mass, of a sample.
You need to keep in mind that weight and mass are two different physical quantities.
The main difference is that the mass corresponds to the amount of matter from which an object is composed. The weight (or force weight), is the value of the force with which the mass is attracted to the centre of the earth.
Because gravity varies in the various angles of the planet, the difference between weight and mass strength becomes relevant in the balance calibration with high precision.
For this reason, it is advisable to calibrate immediately after installation at a given location.

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Accredited calibration certificate Accredia for XS BALANCE 27000903

Certificate DKD/Accredia Treceability for XS Balances

Class M1 Weight of 100 g for XS Balances 27000813

Class M1 Weight of 100 g for XS Balances

Class M1 Weight of 1000 g for XS Balances 27000823

Class M1 Weight of 1000 g for XS Balances


Dust soft Cover for XS Balances

Pack of aluminum plates 27000883

Set of 50 sample plates

XS Balance BM 113 Moisture balance 27001303

BM 113, digital MOISTURE balance, max. capacity 110 g, resolution 0,001 g, halogen lamp 400 W, 15 drying programs. Supplied with check weight and 50 sample plates.

XS BALANCE mod. BL 100K 27001213

BL 100K, digital balance with removable display, max. capacity 100 kg, resolution 10 g, counting samples function, various units measure. Stand included.