New products

Accurate 96 Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Analyzer Accurate 96

4/6 channel high speed fluorescence scanning without crosstalk Accurate, uniform and rapid temperature control Lower cycle threshold value for higher detection sensitivity

GelSMART Image Box

The GelSMART gel imaging system can be used for qualitative analysis of nucleic acid and protein in purification and /or separation application, or colony counting application.

Clinical Centrifuge DM0408

One click centrifuge for blood,urine or fecal sample

MicroPette Plus 12 Channel Pipette

Improve efficiency for higher throughput Direct autoclavable as one piece

High-speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge D1524R

Incubation in applicable temperature range

Vacuum Aspiration Systemsv SAFEVAC

Highly efficient waste collection Waste management sterilization process control Guarantee of laboratory safety

Advantec Polysulphone Filter Holder 800ml 43301040

Advantec Polysulphone Filter Holder 800ml Funnel 47mm Diameter Filter Size KP-47T

Suez Select Fusion 40 ECO L300410-ECO

SUEZ Ultrapure Eco Water Purification Units