Purite becomes SUEZ

SUEZ design, manufacture, install, service and support high performance water purification (HPLC Grade water,

Lab Water systems,Ultrapure water,DeIonisers,Water filters) systems that add real value to industrial, healthcare and laboratory operations.


Packaged plant and systems for all industrial applications, delivering purified water for process, cleaning and boiler feed duties.



Bench top units and integrated ring main systems for research, analytical and production laboratories.



Stand-alone and ring main water purification systems for laboratory, endoscopy, renal and sterile services departments.

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100 litre external tank - standard, L998402

100 litre external tank - standard L998402

100 litre external tank with UV,L998411

100 litre external tank with UV L998411

50 litre external tank - standard,L998401

50 litre external tank - standard,L998401

Labwater 1 L991008

Labwater 1 with D340 cartridge

Labwater 2 L991020

Labwater 2 with D700 cartridge

Membrane Select M996001

Membrane Select 40 RO Pack

Purewater 300 L300470

Each unit is designed to feed a laboratory suite with several outlets using a ring main to provide a continuous supply. The water is stored in an integral 250 litre stainless steel tank. Two units are available: The Integra LH for hard feed water and Integra LS for soft feed water.

Suez Select Fusion 40 ECO L300410-ECO

SUEZ Ultrapure Eco Water Purification Units