Laminar Flow & Safety Cabinets

NÜVE takes safety very seriously and the laminar airflow and microbiological safety cabinets are examples of the application of its knowledge and expertise to this important subject. With clean lines and fool-proof controls, these units are easy to install and will provide years of reliable operation. Because the quality of the samples and, on occasion, the health of the operator are of top priority, in addition to the quality of the external environment, these instruments have been carefully designed to provide optimum conditions. NÜVE is pleased to provide guidance on the choice of product according to the application and laboratory type. The LN Series vertical laminar flow cabinets ensure full protection of products and all items inside the work zone from external contaminants and particles. No manual adjustment is required; the units are automatically maintained at the optimum airflow level. MN Series Class II microbiological safety cabinets protect sample, environment and operator. Comfort and convenience enhance the safety of operation; white walls for non-glare lighting, rounded corners for ease of cleaning and a keylock prevents unauthorized use.