BioWorks Ltd

Bio-Works carries out R&D, manufacturing and supply of agarose-based resins used to separate proteins and other biomolecules. In this large and well-established area, our products stand out as innovative and cutting edge with exceptional performance.

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WorkBeads 40/1000 ACT 1L

WorkBeads 40/1000 ACT, Bulk Resin,1L

WorkBeads 40/10000 ACT 50ml

WorkBeads 40/10000 ACT, Bulk Resin,50ml

WorkBeads 40/10000 ACT 300ml

WorkBeads 40/10000 ACT, Bulk Resin,300ml

WorkBeads 40/100 SEC 25ml

WorkBeads 40/100 SEC, Bulk Resin 25ml

WorkBeads 40/10000 ACT 1L

WorkBeads 40/10000 ACT, Bulk Resin,1L

WorkBeads 40/100 SEC 300ml

WorkBeads 40/100 SEC, Bulk Resin 300ml

WorkBeads 40/100 SEC 1L

WorkBeads 40/100 SEC, Bulk Resin 1L

WorkBeads 40/1000 SEC 25ml

WorkBeads 40/1000 SEC, Bulk Resin 25ml