COND 8 BASIC Without Cell, Without STIRRER 50003212

COND 8+ kit BASIC without conductivity cell. Standard solution 1413 µS and 12,88 mS, cell holder and accessories. Without stirrer.
SKU: 50003212
Manufacturer: Giorgio Bormac



Digital microprocessor bench-top conductivity meter with large backlit color graphic display, resolution 0.01 μS. Automatic and manual calibration with recognition of 4 conductivity standards (84; 1413 μS, 12.88 and 111 mS) from 1 to 4 points with calculation of the different cell constants and a user-defined standard. Automatic scale change, automatic and manual temperature compensation (0 ... 100.0 ° C) with NT 55 probe. Reference temperature (15 ... 30 ° C), Linear temperature coefficient (0.00 ... 10.00%), Selectable cell constant (C = 0.1 - 1-10.0). Display on the display of the standards used for calibration. Manual and automatic Data Logger function. Memory / recall up to 1000 data with date / time according to GLP. Self-diagnosis messages, input for cells with 2 electrodes. Intuitive management of parameters via icons. Italian multilingual menu included. Indication of the stability of the measurement. Recalibration alarm, self-diagnosis messages. Numerical password for calibration management and memory cancellation. 1 USB output for PC connection. RS232 port for printer connection. Magnetic stirrer with independent control (optional). PC software downloadable for free. IP54 keyboard, warranty on the electronic part of 3 years.

Measurement range: Conductivity: 0.00 μS ... 200.0 mS; Salinity: 0.01 ... 100.0 ppt; TDS: 0.1 mg / l ... 100.0 g / l; °C -10.0 ... 110.0 (0.1 ° C);

Without cell, with electrode holder, 2 calibration standards and power supply. Without agitator.

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