MicroAnalytix provides various accessories like rubber or silicon tubing, vacuum pump, filter holders etc., needed to complete the vaccum or pressure filtration setup. 

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S20C Stator

20 coarse ( C )

S20F Stator

20 coarse ( C )

S30C Stator

30 coarse ( C )

S30F Stator

30 fine ( F )

S40C Stator

40 course ( C )

Straight stirrer 18900072

Straight stirrer, shaft length 40cm,stirrer diameter 6cm, 316L stainless steel

Straight stirrer 18900076

Straight stirrer, shaft length 35cm,stirrer diameter 7cm, PTFE coated

Triacetin 99% Extra Pure G0086-500g

Triacetin 99% Extra pure 500g