Laboratory Equipment FN 500 Dry Heat Oven FN 500

120 Litres economical dry heat sterilizer Oven
SKU: FN 500
Manufacturer: Nuve

Offering a low level alternative to the other FN models, this series can be stacked. It is available in a choice of aluminum lining(excellent when temperatures are going to be varied) or stainless steel (P models, the choice for maximum temperature stability) – except for the smallest model. PID control ensures rapid attainment of the target temperature.


The timer function lends itself to drying, so that the dried contents are back at a low temperature at a convenient time, and for sterilization, so that it is certain that the contents have been subjected to sterilization conditions for an adequate period. Out of range alarms alert the user in case of a power interruption.


Forced ventilation is optional. It is not required to achieve acceptable operation but is useful when the ovens are used for drying, since the removal of evaporated water vapour accelerates the drying process.


  • • Five different sizes: 22, 42, 44, 110 and 120 liters
  • • Temperature range: Ambient Temperature +5°C / 250°C
  • • Designed for sterilization, drying and heating purposes
  • • Programmable PID microprocessor control system
  • • Easy to use control panel including digital displays for temp. and time
  • • Delayed start timer
  • • Excellent uniformity and stability of temperature by high grade of insulation and microprocessor control system
  • • Anodized aluminum chamber for standard models 
  • • Stainless steel chamber for "P" models
  • • Very homogeneous temperature distribution obtained by natural air convection for standard models and by forced air ventilation for "P" models
  • • Low temperature loss by means of the door pressing firmly and tightly against the chamber gasket
  • • Outlet port for vapour exhaustion
  • • Safety thermostat as standard


FN 300-400-500 Brochure

Products specifications
Volume 120L
Pack Size 1