GE Whatman

For generations, Whatman has earned a reputation for innovation and quality, and is a well-known global brand in separations technology. Since 2008, Whatman has continued in the tradition of innovative, high quality products as part of GE Healthcare Life Sciences.

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Extraction Thimble Filters Cellulose Thimbles 26x60mm 2800-266

Whatman™ 2800-266 High Performance Cellulose Extraction Thimble, Size: 26 x 60mm, Single Thickness: 1mm (Pack of 25)

GF/A grade Filter 2.1CM 1820-021

Grade GF/A Glass Fiber Filter Paper without Binder, Diameter: 2.1cm, Pore Size: 1.6µm (Pack of 100)

Grade 1 Phase Sep Paper 125mm 2200-125

Whatman™ 2200-125 1PS Phase Separator Filter Paper, Diameter: 12.5cm (Pack of 100)

Grade 40 Quantitative Paper 1.27CM 1440-012

Whatman™ 1440-012 Ashless Grade 40 Quantitative Filter Paper, Diameter: 1.27cm, Pore Size: 8µm (Pack of 400)

MCE Memb Filter 0.45um 47mm grid 10406871

Whatman™ 10406871 Grade ME25/21 STL Sterile Gridded White Mixed Cellulose Ester Membrane Filter with 3.1mm Black Grid, Pore Size: 0.45µm, Diameter: 4.7cm (Pack of 1000)

Optitran Reinf NC 0.2um 300x3M 10439396


TCLP Filter 47MM 1810-047

TCLP Filter 47MM