Laboratory Equipment Muffle Furnace MF 106

Muffle Furnace 6.3L chamber
SKU: MF 106
Manufacturer: Nuve

The MF Series general purpose furnaces have an ideal design for a wide range of applications in many different sectors such as metal, ceramic and food industry, jewellery and dentistry.


Excellent temperature uniformity and fast heating are achieved with the heating elements coiled around ceramic tubes. This is reinforced by the use of high grade fiber insulation and an air gap between inner and outer bodies that also protect the user from hot surfaces.


A variety of control systems is available including multiple steps and ramping. PID temperature control shows set and actual values. Alarms and auto-cut-out operate if overheating could occur and a switch automatically cuts power when the door is opened.

  • •   Five different models for 1,100°C; 1,200°C; 1,300°C
  • •   The chamber is made of vacuumed fiberboard and refractory bricks
  • •   Coiled heating elements around the ceramic tubes and placed on the two sides of the chamber
  • •   Very good temperature uniformity and fast heating
  • •   High grade insulation made of fiberboard
  • •   Low outer body temperature
  • •  Double enveloped design with air gap between insulated chamber and the outer body to keep the outer body at low temperatures
  • •   Counterbalanced lid to be opened upwards and keeps the hot surface of the door away from the operator for safe and easy loading and unloading
  • •   Safety switch cuts the power to the heaters when the door is opened
  • •   Chimney for discharging the vapors occurring during the operation
  • •   PID microprocessor control sytem which has temperature displays for actual and set temperatures
  • •   Optional control systems with two or six steps
Products specifications
Volume 6.3L
Pack Size 1