Laboratory Equipment NF 1200R Centrifuge NF 1200R

Multipurpose Refrigerated Centrifuge
SKU: NF 1200R
Manufacturer: Nuve

The large multi-purpose NF 1200/1200R bench top centrifuges provide a comprehensive response to laboratories carrying out multiple applications. Their extensive range of accessories and versatile performance combined in one unit save valuable bench space and are the answer when budgets are tight but many protocols have to be carried out.


NF 1200/1200R accept 48-76 x 5 ml tubes in the swing-out rotor and 6 x 100 ml in angle rotor and offer slightly higher performance than NF 800/800R models. Their microtube capacity and performance are also enhanced as is the high speed tube range.


Microprocessor control for precise operation with speed, RCF and temperature (R model) includes a choice of 10 acceleration and braking rates for optimum separation quality. The ventilated units are designed to keep temperature rise to a minimum.


Swing-out Rotor Performance:                
4 x 280 ml, 1,100 rpm, 3,082 xg
2 x 3 microplates, 4,100 rpm, 2,349 xg


Microtube Rotor Performance:                
30 x 1.5/2 ml, 13,500 rpm, 20,170 xg


Maximum Angle Rotor Performance:              
6 x 100 ml, 9,000 rpm, 8,965 xg


  • • Programmable microprocessor control system
  • • Selection and display of relative centrifugal force (RCF)
  • • Four digital displays for programmable parameters
  • • 1-99 minutes with hold position
  • • Ten program memories
  • • 10 acceleration / 10 braking rates
  • • Stainless steel chamber
  • • Wide range of accessories
  • • Accommodate most manufacturers' tubes and microtitre plates
  • • Powerful, quiet and maintenance-free induction motor
  • • Minimum chamber temperature in ventilated NF 1200
  • • Temperature control between -9°C / +40°C for NF 1200R
  • • Totally CFC-free refrigerant fluid and insulation material for NF 1200R


NF 1200-1200R Brochure

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