Spectrophotometers SP-UV1100

190~1100nm Tungsten lamp &Deuterium lamp, including 4 glass square cuvettes and 2 quartz square cuvettes
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Manufacturer: Dragon Lab


  • Large 128x64 dots, backlit LCD screen with brightness control displays a large array of data also also in graphical format

  • Large sample compartment to accomodate 5-100mm path length cuvette with optional holders

  • Autosetting of wavelength-to calibrate the system through arrow keys and avoid operational errors.

  • The system can save the test results, upto 200 groups of data and 200 standard curves in the RAM memory

  • Data can also be restored after a sudden power failure

  • Optional application software provides computer control to spectrophotometer through USB port

Optical System

 Single Beam

Light Source

 Tungsten lamp and Duterium lamp

Spectral Bandwidth


Wavelenth Range


Wavelength Accuracy


Wavelength Repeatability


Photometric Range

 -0.3-3.0A, 0-200%T

Photometric Accuracy

 ±0.002A@ 0.5A, ±0.004A@ 1.0A, ±0.3%T @100%T

Photometric Repeatability

 ≤0.001A@ 0.5A, ≤0.0002A@ 1.0A, 0.15%T @100%T


≤0.002A/h @ 500nm

 (after preheat 2 hours)

Stray Light

 ≤0.005%T@ 220&360nm

Sample Compartment

 4-position, 10mm

 pathlength cuvette




USB Port& Parallel Port



 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz, 120W





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