TLC-plates Nano-SILGUR-20, 10x10 811032

TLC precoated plates Nano-SILGUR-20 with concentrating zone size: 10x10 cm pack of 25
SKU: 811032
Manufacturer: Machery Nagel

Unmodified standard silica layers with concentrating zone for TLC

Silica 60, specific surface (BET) ~ 500 m2/g, mean pore size 60 Å, specific pore volume 0.75 mL/g, particle size 5–17 µm available as glass plates with or without fluorescent indicator also available as ALUGRAM


Xtra aluminium sheets 

Excellent separation efficiency

Easy and reliable cutting

Outstanding wettability


Also available as 

channeled glass plate:

Channel-plate with 19 channels help to prevent cross contamination by separating several samples. More samples can be separated on a plate, and spot areas can be more easily determined.

Kieselguhr zone for rapid sample application:



Because kieselguhr is completely inert towards a large number of compounds, the samples always form a narrow band at the interface of the two adsorbents, irrespective of shape, size or position of the spots in the concentrating zone (see figure). Separation then takes place in the silica layer.

Products specifications
Pack Size 25