Chromatography Whatman Gr1 Chromatography paper 20x20 3001-861

Grade 1 Chr Cellulose Chromatography Paper, sheet, 20 × 20 cm,Box100
SKU: 3001-861
Manufacturer: Cytiva

1 Chr cellulose chromatography roll is a 0.18 mm paper for general analytical separations.

  • Pure cellulose produced entirely from the highest quality cotton linters with no additives of any kind.
  • Manufactured and tested specifically for chromatographic techniques. This ensures the wicking capability and uniformity of capillary action that are important in chemical separations.
  • Also widely used in protein and nucleic acid blotting.

Grade 1 Chr

The world standard chromatography paper. A smooth surface, 0.18 mm thick with a linear flow rate (water) of 130 mm/30 min. Good resolution for general analytical separations.

Products specifications
Diameter 20x20cm
Pack Size 100