Whirl-Pak® Write-On Bags - 4 oz. (118 ml) - Box of 500 - Red Tape on B01062(RT)

Whirl-PakĀ® Write-On Bags - 4 oz. (118 ml) - Box of 500 - Red Tape on B01062(RT)
SKU: B01062(RT)
Manufacturer: Whirl-Pak

Blended, Virgin Polyethylene Film: exceptional clarity, superior strength, sterilized after manufacturing, FDA approved for food contact.


Convenient Write-On Strip: makes labeling quick and easy, clear sample identification, for organization & traceability.


Puncture-Proof Closure Tabs: inner and outer tapes for longevity and stability, wire for easy opening, pouring, and closing.


Post-Manufacturing Sterilization: increased sample integrity, perforated closure to maintain sterility. Opening Pull tabs: for easy opening, non-slip textured Tyvek.


Continuous Perimeter Seal: maximum protection against leaks. Trusted, Puncture-Proof Closure Tabs: tape extends beyond wire to eliminate sharp ends and provide a sturdy grip, wire tabs hold the top open for easy access to add to or remove sample, worry-free, no-leak closure for sample integrity.


Bags should not be used at temperatures above 180° F (82° C). Bags can be frozen to any temperature, even liquid nitrogen temperatures down to -346° F (-210° C) —careful handling is required after freezing. Capacity is measured when the bag is closed and tab is folded over three times. Volume and dimensions are approximate.



RED puncture-proof tape for easy identification


4-oz. (118 ml), 3” W x 7¼” L (7.5 x 18.5 cm)


Film Thickness: 2.25 mils (.057 mm).


Box of 500.