PCR 8strip Tubes

Nest PCR 8-Strip Tubes


● NEST have both clear and white 0.2 ml PCR tubes which respectively applies to the general PCR and qPCR reactions .


● Same Colored 0.2ml low profile PCR tubes can be applied to the same usage.


● 15.4mm low profile tubes are designed to minimize the condensate contamination, particularly for the overnight experiment .


● 0.2ml low profile PCR tubes can also reduce the evaporation of the reaction solution and increase the real-time PCR fluorescent signal strength.


PCR 8-Strip Tube Caps


● Apply to NEST PCR 8-strip tubes or PCR 96 well plate


● Domed and flat caps are available


● Reliable tight sealing


● Flat cap is ideal for qPCR

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0.1ml PCR 8-strip Tubes, clear 403102

0.1ml PCR 8-strip Tubes, Clear

0.1ml PCR 8-strip Tubes,white 403112

0.1ml PCR 8-strip Tubes, White

0.2ml PCR 8-strip Tubes, white 403002

0.2ml PCR 8-strip Tubes, Clear

0.2ml PCR 8-strip Tubes, white 403012

0.2ml PCR 8-strip Tubes, White

Domed 8-strip Caps 406112

Domed 8-strip Caps

Flat 8-strip Caps 406012

Flat 8-strip Caps

PCR 8-strip Tubes 0.2ml 404001

0.2ml PCR 8-strip Tubes, With Flat caps, Clear